Did you know bees are having a tough time of late? (And it’s not just because Beyonce has started a rumour she’s the new ‘Queen Bey’). Bees are super important to the environment, in fact the fruits in our drinks wouldn’t exist without bees! So I started Just Bee to help. Every delicious bottle you drink saves a bee by funding wildflower patches across Britain. If you’d like some free seeds to plant, click here for info on how to get them.

Founder and beekeeper’s son

Meet some of our beekeepers…past & present

Our honey, comes from nectar collected in meadows, gardens, trees and farmland and has traces of dandelion, hawthorn, chestnut, lime and other assorted wild flowers. This produces a mild and mellow flavour. Just Bee honey is a special blend collected from beekeepers across Britain and Europe…

Osborne – Joe’s Grandad

As well as a keen beekeeper, Osborne kept ponies, sheep and hens in County Down, Northern Ireland. Sadly, he’s no longer with us, but the inspiration for Just Bee will always be be traced back to this great lover of animals and nature! (We love his old-school beekeeping veil in this photo!)

‘Pa Harper’ – Joe’s Dad

Pa Harper has kept bees since retirement and Just Bee was developed using honey fresh from his beehives in Lancashire. These days, his bees can’t keep up with demand for Just Bee so we’ve drafted in help from our beekeeper friends (see below). You can find Pa Harper’s musings about all things bees and honey in our blog.

Scott – Founder of hilltop honey

hilltop honey was founded when Scott began keeping bees in the garden of his parents house in mid Wales in the summer of 2011 and started jarring his own honey. We are very pleased to be supplied by hilltop honey and their raw British wildflower honey. You can buy direct from hilltop honey’s website.