We think your questions are buzzin’

We want to be clear and transparent about how we make our drinks, so here are the answers to some of the questions you regularly ask us…

If you have a question that we haven’t answered or if you have any feedback on our drinks please get in touch with us at thehive@justbeedrinks.co.uk!

Just Bee is a honey infused spring water, what does that actually mean?

Just Bee is spring water infused with honey and other natural ingredients to make a light and refreshing drink. This means that we never add refined sugar or anything artificial. As an added bonus, honey is sweeter than refined sugar therefore we can use less in each drink which means the sugar content and calories are lower!

But isn’t honey too sweet for a drink!?

We only use a drop of honey (just under a teaspoon) in Just Bee so that each one is super refreshing and not too sweet

Is the drink thick and sticky like honey?

Nope, it’s light like spring water. If it was thick like honey it would take far too long to drink!

What kind of honey do you use in Just Bee?

Check out the ‘Our honey’ page

Just Bee is 100% natural, is it organic too?

Whilst all the ingredients in Just Bee are 100% natural, they are not organic. This is because organic honey is particularly difficult to produce. Honey bees can collect nectar from anywhere they choose to fly and if they happen to land on a plant or flower which isn’t classified as organic, then the honey they make can’t be called organic either. The easiest way to guarantee honey is organic  is to put the bees on a small island which doesn’t use pesticides, and there aren’t many islands like this around! (Believe us, we’ve looked)

Why is Just Bee packaged in a funny little cardboard box instead of a plastic bottle?

These funny little cardboard boxes are Tetra Pak cartons. When creating Just Bee we considered using both traditional plastic bottles and glass bottles. But we were concerned that many plastic bottles have a bad impact on the environment and on the taste of our drinks. Glass bottles are heavy for transporting to shops and not as practical to carry around, so not very friendly to either you or the environment!

We believe Tetra Pak is one of the most environmentally friendly types of packaging we could use, the cartons are light, made from renewable material, easily recyclable and we love Tetra Pak’s promise “to protect what’s good”. They work with the Forest Stewardship Council so by using Tetra Pak carton’s we are doing our small bit to help care for the world’s forests.They have lots more information about their packaging and what they believe at www.tetrapak.com/environment

In your ingredients it says you add natural flavours and natural colours, what does this mean?

While we’ve been creating Just Bee we’ve kept three things in mind that are really important to us, the taste of the drink, the fact that we want all the recipes to be completely natural and that we want our drink to be healthy! We use a very small amount of natural flavourings and natural colourings in our drinks to balance the taste and colour. We have worked very carefully to make sure these are truly natural (no chemicals or artificial nasties) and are not bad for you. For example the natural colours in our Blueberry, Lemon and a hint of honey drink are made from a mixture of colours extracted from sweet potatoes, carrots and radish!

Why do you add vitamin C to Just Bee?

In addition to the natural goodness of honey and other natural ingredients, we also add Vitamin C to our drinks to give them an added healthy buzz! For example Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of your immune system, and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and protecting your body from oxaditive stress (in other words it’s an anti-oxidant). We think it’s worth adding to give you this extra benefit.

Who are your charity partners?

We support and donate profits to Friends of the Honeybee, a charity set up by The British Beekeepers Association to help reverse the decline in bee numbers. On a more practical note, we also offer free wildflower seeds to anyone that asks – to provide much needed food and habitat for bees and other pollinators. Go to Save the Bees page for more information.

What’s the difference between a bee and a wasp?

A wasp is a wanna-bee 🙂