Want to own part of Just Bee and join our adventure?

In summer 2015, we created our first batch of Just Bee. We used honey from Joe’s dad’s beehives and mixed it with fruit juice and water to create a natural and low sugar soft drink. It was delicious and very refreshing!


After a few months of selling our drink in local cafes and delis in Manchester, we realised we had a product which people liked with a clear USP. So we decided to scale up and approach some larger retailers. We are now stocked in over 750 stores across the UK including Boots, Waitrose, Coop, WHSmith and Booths. And we are only just scratching the surface!


Our goal is to grow Just Bee into a leading brand, known for Saving the Bees and creating great tasting, healthy products using honey as a natural sweetener. 


In February 2019, we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign which will allow all you bee lovers to buy an equity stake in Just Bee Drinks. The money we raise will be spent on launching into new markets, increasing our brand awareness and growing our small team of worker bees.

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For more information on the raise and for access to our investor memorandum, just enter your details below and we’ll be in touch. Thank you for your interest! 



If you have any questions about Just Bee’s equity raise, please email thehive@justbeedrinks.co.uk